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About Us


focusing on teaching you the necessary skills to create a successful business as a home stager. Covering the spectrum necessary to gain success as a home stager, we teach the skills required to stage any type of property, regardless of you or the market. We also provide you with complete business tools that help you attract more clients and promote yourself with confidence, whether you are using downloadable tools or vocalizing your value. Our platform supports you by providing on going value to help you create, maintain, and excel as a home staging expert. Learn at your own pace, and complete your License on your own time!

  • Mission

    We seek to create extraordinary staging professionals with the skills, knowledge, and ethical values to create a better life for their customers and themselves.

  • Vision

    We want to organize world’s staging industry by providing global standards of excellence to professionals working in staging industry across the globe.

standard of excellence

What makes a GREL professional?

Having standards is what allows GREL professionals to understand the level of initiative and effort that is expected from them at all times. Standards help GREL professionals to determine the type of technical competency they need to have, how they should achieve results, as well as how they are expected to interact with others while they are on duty. Ultimately, standards are what dictates the rewards of success and the consequences of failure for GREL members.


The value of a good real estate professional is not determined by their access to listing data, but rather their level of education, training, professionalism, and experience. GREL professionals embody all of these, which enable them to coach clients and consumers to make the best decisions for themselves in the real estate market. The GREL certification demonstrates that an individual meets the requirements that have been set for members of the GREL community and are able to maintain the highest effectiveness and perform according to the standards that have been set.

The Global Real Estate Licence provides professionals with the knowledge needed to work with clients in any aspect of real estate, regardless of their business goals or background. GREL is suitable and beneficial for professionals with a history in real estate, lawyers, attorneys, developers, mortgage brokers, those who work in financial institutions, and much more. With GREL, professionals are provided with the education, tools, and skills that are needed to enhance business objectives by implementing real estate strategies in any market. GREL and its affiliates have taken measures to encourage ethical training for their master’s in real estate program with the collaboration of Designation Hub and global real estate. GREL also focuses on important issues such as data protection, promoting property rights, communication skills, professionalism, effective problem solving, technology proficiency, and environmental rights. Every GREL member should follow the international environment protection rules unanimously. The main objective of the Global Real Estate Licence is to provide professionals with a wealth of information, a strong branding, the tools for success, the workouts needed to attract prospects, and help clients to buy, sell or invest in real estate.

Chapter 1: GREL Mark of Excellence

Article 1: International Mark of Excellence

This is an internationally recognized brand, with regular independent evaluation that drives continuous improvement so that clients and consumers can confidently know that they are receiving the highest quality of service. All GREL members operate with a professional competency that remains consistent across all levels and forms of communication.

Article 2: Why Apply for GREL?

A business in the real estate market needs to be continuously managed to ensure a high level of quality. A quality management system that is independently assessed demonstrates commitment and ability to consistently deliver services that meet client expectations, improve overall satisfaction and assist regulatory compliance. The Global Real Estate Licence is unique in its nature to provide members with access to international resources such as professional training, tools, workouts, online certifications, and customer relation tools.

The purpose of this is to initiate a high degree of excellence in real estate by using a description and a point system that indicates a professional’s expertise, performance and knowledge. These values must be recorded in such a way that gives a true reflection of excellence. Professionals will be compared with each other through point scoring within the global market which separates them from one another.

Article 2(a): Delivering Excellent Service

A professional real estate agent must be an expert in the real estate industry, but to carry the mark of Global Real Estate Licence they must be able to deliver excellent real estate services combined with excellent client services. The result will be that all investments will be in safe hands and will be utilized according to the best interest of the client. Fixed fees wherever possible, efficient service and helping customers and clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

Article 3: Benefits for The Industry

GREL offers a comprehensive solution to make the real estate profession one that is unlike any other profession. By using technology and the world’s top real estate experts, GREL plans to revolutionize the real estate sector through online certifications, tools, and workouts that are specifically designed with the proficiency of technology.

Article 4: Better Connected with Networks

GREL members are a part of thousands of real estate specialists who have links across the world. Everyone in the network is committed to sharing expertise, knowledge and best practices to ensure that all members benefit from the experience and resources of GREL experts in the community.

Article 5: Increase Client Satisfaction

GREL will increase the level of satisfaction among clients and consumers by providing solutions of all kinds and providing members with any technical support needed. Client satisfaction and customer loyalty are key to the successful growth of a business, which is why accountability is always practiced by the GREL community.

Article 6: Professional Competence

Being a technical specialist is no longer enough to get by, nowadays professionals are expected to master an increasing body of knowledge. With GREL, professionals are equipped with technical expertise, managerial competencies including mobilizing innovation and change, managing people, tasks and communicating within the customary professional boundaries. These competencies enable professionals to maintain overall technical competencies as well as to communicate with clients and deliver professional services effectively.

Article 7: Proficiency with Technology

Under this platform, GREL members will become more productive through using different technological strategies and tools to implement in real life scenarios. The combination of competency and use of technology will gain the trust of clients and enhance business efficiency.

Article 8: Transparent, Honest and Responsive

All GREL members should maintain transparency with clients when it comes to products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms. An accredited GREL holder must agree to make known all material facts in both written and verbal representations. Misrepresentation is restricted, not only in direct statements but also in a member omitting or obscuring relevant facts with clients.

Article 9: Safeguard Privacy

GREL members are expected to protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, as well as only collect personal information when needed, and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.

Article 10: Who Is GREL for?

GREL is specifically designed for different markets where real estate practices are profoundly used. The Global Real Estate Licence has five different types of memberships, geared to different niche markets of professionals. These five types of memberships are geared towards brokers, developers, institutions, firms and investors. The Global Real Estate Licence primarily acts to bring value to each membership to give a higher standard of excellence in the local market where you work.


Brokers can include sales agents, brokerage houses, and property advisors. Choosing the right path to empower your business depends on the goals you have set for yourself. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or increase your business strategy, GREL will give you a complete range of tools and training that enables you to work anywhere around the world with most ethical and professional behavior. This allows you to close more deals and give unparalleled value back to your clients.


Developers can include residential or commercial developers, construction companies with more than 50 employees, urban planners and development consultants. By providing a vast amount of training tools and workouts, GREL can help developers add value to their client’s requirements. From world class luxury development projects to affordable community projects, GREL gives the complete training for every aspect of work in your local market. We give a high level of excellence training in the development sector whether that is for commercial, residential, construction companies, urban planners or development consultants. GREL is committed to providing professional guidance concerning everything from land acquisition to infrastructure improvements. With training in urban development and commitment to community enhancement, GREL teaches professionals to focus on the unique environmental, aesthetic and economic demands of the communities in which they operate. We highly recommend that development and construction projects operate with a high standard of cooperation with units of government, individual clients and communities in general.


Institutions include financial institutions, banks, fund management companies pension, sovereign wealth, REITS, hedge funds and economic development authorities. GREL helps you to improve your financial operations, plan implementation, the ongoing monitoring of investments and customer service.

Institutional professionals require deep industry knowledge and product experience with a strong understanding of the real estate industry’s needs. GREL can benefit these professionals as financial institutions can be helpful in launching mega projects within the real estate industry. Institutions will know that they can secure their investments through the implementation of secure strategies. REITS and other institutional bodies will get a high level of professional learning in the real estate market and evaluation, such as information on cap rates, rate of returns and analysing properties.


Firms include law firms, accounting firms, architectural firms, contractors, engineering consultants, project management firm and design firms. Law firms know about the laws of real estate but are unable to understand the real estate market in-depth. Evaluations, promotions and the use of the Ten Tenets of Excellence will give these firms a competitive advantage and bring huge value back to the consumers. These trainings focus on a variety of related issues including rights and interest in real estate, legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues, property development, home loans and foreclosures. GREL standards, training, and workouts will give you a complete understanding of the needs of your clients and help you to understand how you can handle all real estate related cases. GREL is committed to teaching you a high standard of traditional accounting which covers a broad area of the real estate market.

  • Architecture plays an important role in the real estate industry, specifically in the area of development. GREL recognizes that architects provide extensive experience and create a reputation for performance. Understanding the capabilities and potential that architects possess, GREL has constructed a complete solution to further advance the knowledge of architects and provide them a new higher standard in the industry.

  • Contractors play an important role in real estate. More importantly, contractors need to become specialists in this real estate, to provide true value to individuals in the market, as they can make a great positive influence to others. A professional contractor in any market, whether working independently or as an employee, professionals can avail the opportunity of GREL Certification to maximize their skills.

  • GREL believes that engineers work very closely to the real estate industry and can truly benefit from a higher level of expertise and understanding to deliver, as per the needs of the clients. The expectation of clients are always high and to ensure a higher level of ability is delivered, GREL provides the complete training, workout script modules and tools to elevate the status of engineers.

  • The GREL Certification will transition a project management firm into becoming more effective and teach them how they can achieve their goals in a short period of time without disruption or delay. Utilizing proactive risk management strategies, GREL understands that performance matters when aiming to achieve a higher level of results, greatly contributing to the success of project management, and that is the main objective when helping professionals.

  • Design firms are becoming increasingly sophisticated as marketers find innovative ways to grab the attention of viewers. GREL is providing technology driven techniques, tools and workout scripts which will assist in transforming professionals into specialists. The focus of creating specialists in the market, is to help individuals attract more business and gain a larger pool of clients to help meet their goals.